Tips for self trouble shooting of HB daylight analysis

Hi everyone,

Can anyone give me some tips how to troubleshoot a daylight analysis model. I have modeled a simple one HB zone with custom openings on a three facades by using add openings component. One of the facade openings doesn’t returning the expected results.

Here are the things I have checked so far,

  • the openings and the HB surface are co planer

  • the normal vectors of the openings are the same ( not sure it matters in HB daylight analysis)

  • I set the RD material for openings HB surfaces as in the sample file here

  • I also tried any individual opening on this surface and the visualization looks expected, while I added the multiple openings at the same HB surface the visualization looks odd!

PS. I use Santiago Chile weather data for this sample file but it doesn’t matter if u input another weather data in case u want to look I attached the files.

Thank you in advance

A06 - LEVEL 6.3dm (1.01 MB)
Parametric_Daylight_Analysis - (539 KB)

Hi Elcin,

To generate acceptable Windows (FOR ENERGYPLUS AND HB glazing creator components) it is required to set a minimum distance from the edge of surfaces.

Please find attached.

OMD. (565 KB)

Thank you very much Omid for the very prompt reply. You rock!