Tips for Speeding up Whole Building Simulation Honeybee OpenStudio


I have my definition working properly with open studio where I am analyzing a hospital. Everything is fairly simple. 1. Input Geometry and convert to HB with custom glazing 2. Add Loads and zones 3. Solve Adjacencies 4. Add Materials 5. HVAC sizing.

The geometry is optimized, all planar and the face count is around 100. Also, the document is in Meters.

The simulations are taking around 15 minutes. This seems too long.

Looking for advice. I have attached my definition. Thank you in advance. (803.6 KB)

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Does anybody have any solution to this issue? It would be much appreciated.
Thank you

I will answer my own question here for those interested in making faster calculation for ‘architectural design decisions’. Setting the input of the ‘SolarDistribution’ input on the ‘energySimPar’ will give faster results as it does not fully calculate interior beam reflections.

Of course, this is not sufficient for all simulations, but seems to yield usable results for many circumstance and greatly increases speed.