Topography in Ladybug

Hi Mostapha,

I’m currently attempting to make a Sunlight Hours Study across a topography model using Ladybug. For some reason it is coming up as the entire model as 0 hours of daylight, even when I put in the summer solstice. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Is the daylight hours study only usable with building models and not topography?


Hi Ben,

Check the normal direction of the test surfaces. I assume they are downward in your model.


PS: I’m still not ready to release the new version officially but as I assume you may have so many test points for your study feel free to download the newer version from this link and replace it with what you already have: ( Set the parallel to True and if you are running the study on a system with multiple cores the study will run times faster.

PS1: Anybody else who is willing to try the new version is also welcome to do so. Just download it from the same link. I will release the new version 0.0.49 pretty soon. There are minor modifications to be made before the release.