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I’m getting 0 KWhr for ‘totalSolarGain’ internally out of ‘runEnergySimulation/readEPResult’ for a very simple model with one zone. I have large windows facing north (Australia, so heat gains should be there).

Tried all I can think of e.g. changing window material/construction types etc. I’ve got an EPMaterial with UV/SHGC/VT input to SetEPZone and childSurfaces input to HBSurfaces further down the line.

I’m doing something wrong, so any ideas out there?

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Hard to say. it will be helpful to attach the file.

Though it s suspicious that the analysis period is orange.


Hi Abraham,

Yes, I nearly re-uploaded that png but it makes no difference. Files attached. Any thoughts appreciated,

Rob (632 KB)
mod_3_constructions.3dm (256 KB)

Hi Robert,

Attached a working version.

Plenty of issues to solve :slight_smile:

  1. The more critical one. You hooked the zone, afyter rotating it, to a HB_Mass2Zone. This move cancelled the windows definition. I connected the proper inputs to the HB_createHBZones component instead. If you see in your file the HB_decomposeByType you"ll see that before the rotate the model is ok and after the rotate it isn’t (see group red and green in the attached). Do that in your model not in mine.

  2. Critical one also. You connected EP materials to the HB_Surface instead of connecting EP_Construction.

In the way to understand what was wrong i updated the file, but after finishing the fix this is not important.

Good luck,

-A. (660 KB)

Thanks Abraham,

All makes sense, I see where I went wrong, and now I’ve got some numbers out of totalSolarGain which is great. However rotate3D goes through setEPZoneConstruction and seems to be cancelled out, so no rotation.

I guess the energy data/numbers are for the model windows facing east/west. But I wanted to be able test different orientations.

Do you think it’s possible?


Hmmm …

When i checked i previewed the rotate component and it looked fine. Now i see that the HB components are not getting the transformation.

So right now i would report this as a bug. Please do that at the github.

The only think that i can think i trying to define the whole think rotated BEFORE HB, but i’m not sure this case is suitable.

Will be glad to hear Mostapha/Chris suggestions for this one.


Thanks, have sent to:



Rotate the geomtries before creating Honeybee objects. We have an open issue for this:

Oops …

Robert find a (this time yes) working version. I used the failed geometry to get the center point and then start the whole definition from the beginning. See white groups.

-A. (678 KB)

Thanks so much Abraham! It now works fine.

This is not an issue anymore. You can use Honeybee transform components. See this post:…