Transparency Schedule EPContextSrf

Hello together,

I have a problem with the HBContext input. I would like to use a schedule generated by the csvSchedule component as EPTransSchedule for the EPContextsrf.

Without assigning a schedule, the simulation works fine and takes 10-15 minutes. But assigning a schedule the simulation process seems to freeze/pause at the point displayed in the screenshot attached. Did anybody here face similar problems?


I think this was an issue with E+ itself, that was failing to show the simulation progress when using .csv schedules. If you leave it running, it should be fine.

It got fixed in E+9.0 onwards, although there are some compatibility problems for Window shading objects between both versions.

Thanks for your answer @RafaelA!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that it’s a problem of the E+ version. I am using several csv-schedules and none of them causes similar problems… :confused:

I left it running for around 45 minutes and nothing happened/the simulation didn’t finish. And as I told you before, without this particular schedule the simulation is terminating after approx. 10 min.
Anyway, I don’t think that only by assigning a schedule the total simulation time is increasing that much.


I see, I had somehow assumed it was related to this issue of E+ 8.9.

When there is a transparency schedule applied to a context surface E+ will automatically change the default algorithm to calculate Diffuse radiation from SimpleSkyDiffuseModelling to DetailedSkyDiffuseModelling. I don´t know if this could be the reason behind the longer simulation time.

Have you tested using another type of schedule for the Transparency of EPContextsrf?

Hello @RafaelA,

Yes, I have tested another type of Schedule, but the problem is the same.
After reading your answer I guess that it really could be the more accurate algorithm that causes the long simulation time. I will have another run without interrupting, maybe it just takes some time. I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks for your help!