Trouble with adding glazing (Honeybee_addHBGlz)

Below are two images that represent massing models for E+ analysis. I use standard grasshopper components to create windows (because I was having problems with the HB glazing by % component on a large model). The issue I have is that I can’t add any more floors to these models. If I increase the number of floors by one (adding to the towers or the base) and try to add windows, Honeybee_addHBGlz component causes Rhino to crash (while I am trying to add custom-made windows to the zones).

Does anybody have thoughts on what causes this problem - or does anyone have suggestions for how to avoid the problem? The problem does not seem to be related to the number of zons of windows (as you can see).

My hope is to get a script together that prepares an E+ file for any simple massing like the examples below.