TT toolbox - error in aggregator - Index outside bounds of array

Hello @MingboPeng

I’m trying to export 3650 hours worth of illuminance data for 100 points. But when I connect the illuminance Values to the Phenome, it gives the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I’m just beginning to learn GH, LBHB and HB+. So kindly excuse if its a silly error. Also, attaching the files for your reference.
Test_7.rar (996.7 KB)

P.S. Huge thanks to @minggangyin for assisting me so far in my process.

@sreejithjayaram93 not sure why you want to export all these hourly data for each points. Colibri is not designed to do this. It is used for managing data set at a scale the person could read and explore.

For hourly data, in your simulation folder, all hourly data for each point has been saved in *.ill file.

Oh… Okay… I wanted to export it in order to bin the data according to the condition I provide in a spreadsheet software… I did manage to export the data through the panel component…
But I was looking for a way to export illuminance values of many points for different hours of the year for multiple blind states. If that could happen in a single export, would’ve been awesome… :wink: :laughing:

Anyway, Thanks for your reply…!! appreciate it… !! :slight_smile: :v:t2: