Two questions about gbXML import into Honeybee

I use the XMLTOHB [Legacy] component quite a lot and wonder if there is something similar in the new Ladybug Tools?

I also tried to use XMLTOHB together with Openstudio 3.1 and it does not work at all but 2.5 works fine? Any ideas why this is?

@MaxTillberg ,

There’s no gbXML import component yet in the LBT plugin but we should hopefully be supporting it soon. Dan Macumber just finished helping us with a translator from OSM to the HBJSON format. This means that we should be able to use this work along with OpenStudio’s gbXML translators to get from gbXML to the new honeybee. Right now, the OSM>HBJSON translator only translates the geometry (without any other energy simulation properties) but, if we can flesh this out a bit more, we should hopefully be able to get constructions and loads. So we will get to it all in time.