Unable to collect data - radiation analysis

A file which worked some time ago doesn’t run anymore. Is there anyone who finds the problem? I had difficulties also in updating the components. HBbasedOnRatio had to be changed (drag&drop) for several times.

150119_VF_W_monovolume_S_bug.gh (523 KB)

Hi Daniel,

try with Update Component!



Did that. What do you think of meeting in G for sharing our skills the next days?

I would love that. Maybe next week! Lets stay in touch…

Greetings for G :slight_smile:



Depending on you. I’m flexible this week 'til friday (included) to come to Graz. Next week I’m in Graz on tuesday (loads of meetings), but I could already come on monday if you have time… I’m in the showdown with my dissertation which will be ready by the end of june. Tell me when it would be fine for you.