Unable to get HB surface from a fully defined zone

I’m trying to specify wall surfaces of a fully defined thermal zone as BIPV surfaces.

However, the output of the Select by Type component are wall surfaces rather than HB surfaces, and this leads to the error on the PV generator component as the latter is expected:

Using the Decompose by Type component got the same error:

Moreover, the output of the HB surface node on the Select by Type component is empty:

Converting the wall surfaces to HB surfaces using the Create HB Surface component can solve the problem:

May I ask why the two components used above cannot output HB surface?

Is there any other way to select a particular type of HB surfaces from a zone that can directly be used for the PV generator component?


HB surface issue _v01.gh (43.7 KB)

Hi @Grasshope,
Maybe i’m not understanding something but the initial component in your file (the geometry breps) is not an HB zone. It is just GH geometry.
You need to create this zone before you can go further on.

I’m missing something here?


Zone data cannot store by internalising in GH and cannot be saved.

Thank you, @AbrahamYezioro and @OmidmRashidi.

The revised workflow with the thermal zone definition as attached here still doesn’t solve the issue as reported:

  1. The HBSurface output on the select by type component is empty
  2. the surface output from both the select by type and decompose by type components are not acceptable for the PV generator component

Appreciate your kind advice on the source of the issue.


HB surface issue _v02.gh (56.9 KB)

Indeed there is an issue here.
I updated the HB_PVgen to July2018 version and inserted the HB_HB core component that was missing.
But still both components you pointed are not working as expected. I would report issues on the github.
I believe the PVgen needs some updating in the code. Maybe @AntonSzilasi can take a look on this.