Update issues

Hi guys,

I just updated everything (firstly manually including gh, python, lb&hb), then with the update component. My old file didn’t run anymore. Now I started it from scratch. And the “honeybee_Glazing based on ratio”-component comes up with "solutionexception of unsized object. I just delete it and place it again, then the two upper HB_createHBSrfs ask for a component update. And two of five shaders are failing to collect data.

What happens here?



…and the gh-file

150119_VF_W_monovolume_S_bug.gh (523 KB)

Hi Daniel,

This is probably so late but I checked the file and you needed to clean your test points (or to be more accurate you needed to also connect the ground floor). You also needed to clean your input geometries. There was a None object in the list. Also name of surfaces shouldn’t have space. That will make Radiance to fail.

Checked the attached file!


150119_VF_W_monovolume_S_bug_MSR.gh (544 KB)