Updating OpenStudio from 3.3 => 3.4


Am LadybugTools 1.4+, and need to update open studio from 3.3 => 3.4.

I’ve installed them side by side, but LB does not find 3.4.

And I cant find a way of uninstalling Open studio 3.3.

Any hints on how to solve?

Where does the HB Config component say that your OpenStudio is installed? Because I use the free single-click Pollination Grasshopper installer to install Ladybug Tools, it always comes with a compatible version of OpenStudio that is in the ladybug_tools installation folder:

If you have installed OpenStudio 3.4 in its default location and you don’t have any installation of OpenStudio within your ladybug_tools installation folder, then Ladybug Tools will find it and use it. So you have two options:

  1. Delete the OpenStudio that is likely in your ladybug_tools installation folder.
  2. Just use the single-click Pollination installers here on out and you’ll always have a compatible version of OpenStudio.

If you can’t already tell, I’m a fan of the second one and I’d recommend it.