Upgrading HB Legacy Scripts to HB Energy?

Hi - I’ve been working on updating some of my old single zone HB Legacy scripts to the new HB Energy installed with LBT - but I find there are a lot of components missing. Is it advised to stop using HB Legacy and upgrade or are there people still using HB Legacy for now?

There are only a handful of very niche Legacy energy features that aren’t supported in LBT. And the LBT plugin has many more energy features that the Legacy plugin lacks.

If there’s a “missing component”, it’s probably because the way for performing a certain workflow changed. So I recommend upgrading. The only major roadblock right now is that we don’t have the same video tutorial resources for LBT as we have for Legacy so you’ll have to educate yourself by opening the sample files that come with the Food4Rhino installer. We are trying to get some new video tutorial resources soon.

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Thanks, Chris - its helpful to know that this is the recommended workflow going forward. I have figured out a few of the issues I was having, and did find that indeed the workflow had just changed a lot in some cases so its taking some extra time to figure out how to do some of the things I did before. Thank you!