Urban CFD Simulation not showing results

I am new to butterfly and have worked through the example file, it worked fine,except that it takes forever to run the solution, although I think my PCs CPU should work fine. I was ok with it, but now I tried to run the simulation with my urban environment and now that I finally got it working without crushing all the time I thought it would be done now after 8 hours. Unfortunately when I wanted to show the pressure mesh and the vectors nothing appread except a tiny mesh of the example file for Outdoor flow that I used for this. I really dont know how to start over, it might be very simple, but I kind of lost my patience here after 3 days of trying. Some things that I thought might cause the problem: my buildings are Nurbs that I created from a mesh, so they look quite weird. Also I set the end_time t 600 but it crushed again at 200, but I thought that shouldnt be the problem. Cell size is set to 4m, so that it wouldnt take days and refinement is set to (2,2). The snappyhexmesh was fully calculated and I could see it in the preview, so it must be something afterwards I guess although I actually didnt change anything here from the example file. I would really love some help on this! Also I dont have a really stable internet, does that have something to do with the crashing? Thanks a lot, I hope it`s nothing to stupid. I would like to upload files, but unfortunately as a new user I am not allowed, so maybe you can help me like this.

@Alisa You should post more details about your question.Please upload the screeshot grasshopper definition for our discussion!

Hello! I am working on it right now and I think I am actually on a good path. So I will run the simulation through the night, and then I will let you know if I still have the same problem! Thanks for the reply!