URBANOpt DF ToGeoJSON Writer.py "Windows Error"

Hi all. I am running into a windows error on the URBANOpt ToGeoJSON widget, based on the shipped LBT DF samples. I am inputting my own buildings and following along. The geometries are entering the workspace as referenced Breps instead of closed breps. I am not sure how to change that, but it is the only difference I can see. If that is what is causing the problem, please let me know. I see there are several threads through the years where this might relate to an OS update. I have the latest OS Application installed. The shipped .gh from_building_solids runs fine.

Thank you for your time.


It seems that you don’t have permission to clear out the files in the folder where you are writing the GeoJSON file. Perhaps you had one of them open in another program while you tried to run the component?

In any event, we need to clear out the simulation folder in order to make sure we don’t accidentally load old simulation results that you think are newly-simulated ones. This is the specific line of code that is failing. Can you try manually deleting the files in the following location and re-running the component?


Ah, I missed this. The function did end up running and came up with an old simulation in the Rhino view, as you mentioned it would. I did have to reconfigure the entire layout of solids from the previous version, which is fine because I am kind of crashing my way through learning this software. It is ok now. I was using the 1.3.0 LBT on the compatibility matrix. After I ran the LB Versioner, it produced a few errors demanding an upgrade to OpenStudio 3.3.0. I assume the LB Versioner upgrade took in the DEV version, which appears to be running fine.

Relating to the GeoJSON in URBANOpt, I would like to know a bit more about the latitude and longitude assignment in the workflow. How do I determine this for export to a GIS interface, for instance? I am importing from OpenStreetMaps, running through the buildiing parameters, simulation parameters, then connecting to URBANOpt. What is the Lat Long based on, center point, or something else? Would it be easier to export the GeoJSON to GIS then manipulate it manually to realign with the projection, and resave?

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