I hope you are safe and sound during the evolving global pandemic.
First of all, I would like to thank you for this amazing and versatile toolbox.

I realized that dragonfly is linked with URBANopt, but there is no tutorial or user guide. Would you please tell me how can I access a user guide to use the URBANopt plugin?

Thank you in advance.

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@shayan ,

Video tutorials are in the works. For now, the best I can point you towards is the Dragonfly sample files that were included with the installer that you download from Food4Rhino. In particular, the from_building_solids.gh shows how to execute the simulation using the URBANopt SDK. Make sure you have followed the last optional step of the Ladybug Tools installation instructions, which involves installing URBANopt.

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Thank you Chris,

I looked at them and they are helpful.

For a deep understanding of plugins, their functionalities, and also understanding the concept behind each change in the simulator, videos can be more informative and helpful. I look forward to hearing from you about the videos.

Thank you in advance

how can I get access to “from_building_solids.gh” file that you mentioned?


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Hi Azin,

When I open Grasshopper, it shows some examples, one of which is from_building_solids.gh

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Hi Chris,

Do you have the download link of URBANOPT webinar on 3rd December?


You can get it from the file you download from food4rhino. Is inside the samples folder.

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Yes, @shayan .
Here is the link to the IBPSA webinar recording on URBANopt/Dragonfly that we did on the 3rd:


Hi Chris,
Do you have in close plans to release some Dragonfly/Urbanopt tutorials? :slight_smile: