[urgent] duplicate installation and unusable components

Dear all,

We had some students installed multiple copies of LB+HB on our lab computers. There are also students who installed LB+HB, but the component is not usable, such as the LB component dragged on the canvas appears as an empty panel.

In other situation, the LB components are all gone when they open the demo file we prepared for them on their computer with LB+HB installed. In this situation, it seems the GHPython component is broken - it appears as a blank panel on canvas.

(sorry, didn’t manage to save a screen image for the problems described here)

Currently, we ask them to remove LB+HB using the remove component, restart Rhino and GH, and try a fresh installation, and see if this works…

Nevertheless, pls kindly advise if you have encountered similar problems before.

Thank you very much!

Ok, I found one post on installation problem:


Anyway, appreciate your advice!

Hi Grasshope,

For the ones with duplicate installations your process should work.

For empty components it is almost always the result of not having GHPython installed correctly. It can be an issue with unblocking the component or not having the right version of GHPython component. Let them open a GHPython component and check the version and make sure it is

This can be also useful if they don’t know how to unblock the components: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/unblock-gh-libraries?context=latest


Thank you very much, Mostapha, for the prompt reply! We’ll try ASAP.

Hi Mostapha,

I totally forgot about user objects, till I saw this thread.

The attached is unblocking the files in the GH user object directory as well.

I will update the file on box.net soon.



Thanks Marios. It will be indeed extremely useful. Best, -Mostapha

Hmm, the file wasn’t attached for some reason.

I am going to try one more time.


150815_Unblock_GH_libraries_Digital_substance_v3.gh (18.9 KB)

noted with thanks, Marios! Will try later.