User defined or copied energyplus schedules are written without the numerical values



I have some troubles with defining/copying energyplus schedule in Honeybee, I get some severe errors in the energyplus results because of schedules that are not correctly defined in the project IDF file.

It seems that Honeybee doesn’t copy the schedules values correctly when creating its own IDF file for the project (see screenshot comparing the content of my userCustomEPLibrary.idf file, and the project IDF file). This happens for both schedule defined by myself with the help of HB “Constant Schedule” objects, and also for those that are retrieved with HB “Call from EP Schedule Library” object.

Versions : Ladybug 0.0.67 from November, 20th 2018 and Honeybee 0.0.64 from December 5th 2018.

Any idea??



This is a screenshot of an error that I get when running the simulation, it looks like another error type but might be related:

Here this is the ActivityLevel schedule type (which is IMHO supposed to be builtin??!) that is not found.


I could fix it by modifying in userCustomEPLibrary.idf the schedules definitions, so that there’s always a new line between the “Until: xxx,” part and the value (this can be done for all schedules at once with e.g. notepad++ using regular expressions in the search/replace patterns:

Until:(.*),(.*), --> Until:\1,\r\n \2,

It appears that Honeybee doesn’t not support yet this compact way for defining a schedule, this is more or less explicitly written in the code from the HB fly:

"# TODO: Support parsing for files with no next line"

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@souliane, Thank you for reporting this issue and also reporting the solution.

I’m copying @chris for his information.


Yes, thank you @souliane !

I should add that the code to parse IDF files in honeybee legacy was only written to parse IDFs that have line breaks after each input parameter. So, whenever you are using honeybee legacy, you should make sure that you have these line breaks.

This will be different in honeybee[+] and we are making sure that the code to parse IDF files can correctly parse all acceptable IDF formats.