Using a complex terrain with Butterfly


I’ve been trying to run an urban wind simulation with Butterfly, using a complex terrain. I drew a wind tunnel manually in Rhino, with the sides trimmed to the terrain. I then input the surfaces as an indoor case, with inlet, outlet, sides, top and terrain. Unfortunately I seem to be having a problem meshing.

I noticed this topic had been brought up in the legacy forum here:

Has there been any development since then? It would be great to have an example of this type of workflow, so that it can be followed easily!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

The short answer is: No! and it’s very unfortunate.

The longer answer is: Day after day I have less and less time to spend on development of Butterfly and unfortunately Butterfly has been a single coder project. @TheodorosGalanos has been very helpful with supporting the questions but besides myself we don’t have anyone who codes for Butterfly. Probably I haven’t done a good job in getting more people involved but this is where the project is right now.
With the minimum support from the industry most of my time (and @chris’s time) is spent writing grants and hoping to get one of them. The rest of the time goes to Honeybee[+], doing some consulting project and teaching workshops to make a minimum income. Unless we find someone to help with the development of Butterfly I don’t think any major development for Butterfly will happen any time soon. It hurts to write this but this is the sad reality at the moment! I have been wanting to add the support for native Windows 10 installation now for months and I have been unable to find the time to do it! :expressionless: Let’s hope that we will land a grant for development and will find more time to provide better support.

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@nicholas Can you upload some screen capture image or the gh file? So we can make some deeper discussions.

Hi! I was wondering if anyone on the forum has experience with integrating complex terrains into the outdoor wind simulation? I am not sure what the best way to tackle this is given the current infrastructure of BF. Would the terrain just replace the bottom face of the wind tunnel? Thanks!


This workflow is right.
Here is my example file for wind flow with terrain. You should set wind tunnel to fit the terrain.

Here is the result in Rhino.

Here is the result in Paraview.

Here is a demo file based on butterfly’s outdoor airflow example.
01_0_outdoor_airflow with simple (895.7 KB)

hi @eeshakhanna,
I’ve been trying to write down the process but I think @minggangyin sent some pretty straight forward screenshot. There is also a way to preserve a good grading setting of the blockmesh by generating an intermediate wind tunnel that doesn’t contain the terrain and using it’s grading settings for X and Y into the original case, you’ll have to set the Z component of the grading manually to focus on your height of interest.

Once I find a bit more time I could take some screenshots and perhaps sort out a example file…

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Hi,@OlivierDambron I am glad to talk with you about this issue. I just create a simple solution for this issue. I am waitting for your high efficient method for this issue.

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