Using grid_filters with lbt recipes

hi @chris

Speaking of Grid_filters with a lbt recipe, I’ve been trying to simulate different grids not all at once while aggregating results in the same case folder.

Say from the list of grids (0, 1 , 2,…)
Simulate first grids 0 and 1
Then simulate the other one
Aggregate all results in the same case.

So far when reload_old is set to true, changing the grid_filter doesn’t launch the new run.
If reload_old is set to false, changing the grid_filter erases previous runs.

In the case of large number of grids, this feature would allow to post process results of a portion of the completed grids and one could pursue his/her workflow while the rest of the grids are running.

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reload_old is not as smart to indicate all the possible outputs in case you are using a for loop. There is a single file <process-name>.done that indicates if that step is done. In this case it looks like you want to run these studies in different folders and then merge the results in each folder together.

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