Using (rad Mirror Material) is not reflecting the light..!

Dear all,

I used (rad Mirror Material) for louver system in order to reflect light, but it just reflecting the material and gives me shadows, but not reflecting the light from direct sun, (light ray-trace)! , something like caustics in (Vray - 3DMax)


How to use the material to reflect the light?

Thank you


You will need to set the radiance settings to a fairly high value to get a realistic rendering with mirrors. Can you share your gh file ?

Hi Sarith,

Thanks for reply,… I am already using a weather file witch gives me a specific sun radiation…

Do you mean by “radiance settings” to set the “RAD Parameters”?

Hi Ahmad,

Maybe it is owing to direction of the mirror surface. since mirror is applied just to one side of the surface. So you need to flip the mirror surface.

yes Masoome… you are right… the mirror was flipped

Thank you so much…

Additionally, it works by using RAD Parameters…