UTCI calculation Error

Hi. I have a question about outdoor thermal comfort calculation in ladybug.
I have imported all required data using LB-create header( because i have imported data from another software) but there’s an error: 1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!
I have upload the file here, could you please help me how can i fix this?
thanks for your help.
utci.gh (401.6 KB)

is there any reason that you’re getting UTCI input data out of Ladybug_Create LB Header component?
it will be fine if you don’t.

Ladybug_Create LB Header

utci.gh (414.4 KB)

@Nimafo What’s wrong with using this component?

I went through your file and I think the issue could be that the UTCI node might expect a particular kind of input from the EPW, and not a list like the one you present there. I would suggest editing the EPW to those values and see if connecting the EPWFile to the UTCI node directly works.

Either way, I agree it would be a bit easier if you avoid direct inputs like those in panels and work with a single file, so it’s less prone to errors.

Lastly, Grouping related nodes comes very handy for error checking, and separating inputs or hiding non relevant or obvious wiring to avoid spaghetti :slight_smile:

I tested your workflow with another set of hourly input data, instead of daily inputs in your original file and I don’t get the error anymore,

I don’t know what is the technical reason for this, maybe Ladybug_Create LB Header just works with annual hourly data.
I think @chris and @mostapha can give more details about this error.

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