UWG write issues: "The Urban Weather Generator Failed to run."

Hi there,

I am encountering the error of “The Urban Weather Generator Failed to run.” when I’m setting the “_write” parameter to true. I am using Mac, and I am afraid this is related to read/write access, but I have no clue on this. I appreciate if anyone knows about this and could advise.

M. Najjar

Can you show us the output of the report on the component so that we can get a better idea of what has gone wrong?

Thank you Chris,

attached is a screenshot showing the report value

Thanks @mnajjar .

It seems the message isn’t as helpful as I was hoping. Can you upload the uwg_json that is output from the component so that we can recreate the issue on our end? The .gh file would also be helpful if it’s not too complex.

Thank you @chris

please find attached files as requested.
uwg_example_res1.gh (84.1 KB)
DowntownDistrict_uwg.json (3.7 KB)

The problem was resolved when I selected the terrain as the building site (plane geometry), not the whole surrounding plane! I think I am not selecting the correct geometry, I need to select all the buildings not one. I will study the example and reproduce the file. Thank you @chris

I think it is now working. I have followed the example approach. Sorry to waste your time, I am new to the tools.

uwg_example_res1.gh (81.9 KB)