Values not displayed in the lower left corner of HDR image

Assuming that you’re referring to those values for glare, you need a fisheye lens.

Hi Mostapha,

I’m quite curious about this as well - I’ve since forgotten the answer. I believe the first, top image is theirs (Which is the fisheye lens) and the bottom image is someone else’s which has the legend.

How can you produce an image with the fisheye lens AND have the legend show?


Just use the LBT honeybee plugin. I am guessing that the first falscolor image above was produced in Legacy, which uses a deprecated and broken version of falsecolor2.

The latest LBT honeybee plugin uses the false color that ships natively with Radiance, which has full support for fisheye images with legends:

See this sample file.

Hi! The 1.4 version should also be able to use falsecolor, but it still can’t run, and it can’t get that gorgeous picture. I don’t know why, it’s very confusing.