Ventilation and HVAC System


I’d like to analyse the Supply Air Temperature outlet of my ventilation system but I’m not sure which output to choose. I’m observing the “System node temperature” outputs, one seems to be the temperature inside the zone and the other have the sames variations than the dry-bulb temperature (but I’m not sure if it’s the air temperature extract from the outside or the supply air temperature of the zone).

The reason of this question leads to another question. In fact, I’m doing that because I’d like to assign the outdoor temperature as my supply air temperature but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I tried to put extremes values in the heating and cooling air supply temperature set, so that the target temperature will never be reach and to prevent the heating/cooling of my ventilation air, but that’s not working as Energy+ don’t allows values under 0 or over 40 for target temperature. I tried to search directly in the IDF editor (or E+ documentation) where to assign the supply air temperature (as the outdoor temperature), but without any results …

Any helps will be useful, thanks !

@antoine.abelard ,
The nodes correspond to different locations within each ideal air system (like the intake node, the supply node, etc). It sounds like you are trying to just get rid of all heating and cooling so I would set the zone to be unconditioned and use the SetEP Airflow component to intoduce outdoor air into the zone, which will be at the outdoor temperature.

It works great, thanks Chris !