ventilationPerPerson and ventilationPerArea

Hi !
I’m doing an summer cooling energy simulation of a school. I set the ventilationPerArea as 0, the ventilationPerPerson as 0.005555556. I also set the ventilation schedule: 0:00-09:00 off, 09:00-22:00 on, 23:00-24:00 off. The demandControlledVent is set to true.
Now, I change the ventilation schedule as: 0:00-24:00 on (all day on). From what I understand, there is no people at night, so the cooling energy wouldn’t change even the ventilation schedule is set 1. But the simulation result showed great changes.
Can anyone explain this problem please? Did I miss something?

Hi,@icy These information above is not enough to answer your question.For further discussion,you should pose the result of two cases. And you should upload your grasshooper definition.