Vertex mismatch

Hello i am getting the following error from export to open studio component. I am working withfull building energy example.

The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** RoofCeiling:Detailed=“OFFICE_2_35_SRF_1”, Vertex size mismatch between base surface :OFFICE_2_35_SRF_1 and outside boundary surface: OFFICE_39_SRF_1

I dont understand what is going wrong. Should breps between levels share the same boundary?

anyone that has any idea please advise!

thank you

Did you split roof and floor surfaces to match? Search the forum for intersectMass.

Hello Mostapha,

thank you for your answer. i went through intersect posts, tried but the component flags that it failed to intersect correctly. i tried look for inconsistencies among the breps, but cannot pinpoint them.

Upload your model so someone else can check it for you.

mostapha sorry for the late reply.

i had to redo my model and sort things out.

thank you fro your support.


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