Vertical blinds - failure to control it


Hi everyone,

My name is Kim. I work on a daylight simulation for an office room with one window in the south façade with vertical blinds. I made 4 bsdf-files for different angle: 0 degrees, 45 degrees, -45 degrees, 90 degrees. Until so far, it went well. But I have a question about controlling the vertical blinds. I made a list for the blindscombs:

  1. fully open
  2. vertical blinds block sun from east in the morning
  3. vertical blinds block sun from west in the evening
  4. fully closed

As sensor I used a point in the centre of the room, but also tried it for points in the middle but more near the façade.

Results for the blind shade only show that only the first two states (fully open, vertical blinds block sun from east in the morning) will be used. This isn’t what I expect. I should expect the use of all the four states.

Can anyone tell where I probably go wrong? Could the problem be the bsdf-files? Or the accuracy of the simulation in relation to the size of the individual blinds? Could anyone give tips for me who has experience with simulation of vertical blinds?

Thank you so much in advance!

Kim Bodde (574.9 KB)


@KimBodde, is it still a question or did you try to delete it already?


Hello Mostapha,

This is not a question anymore!

Kind regards,

Kim Bodde