Video and example files to learn about Openstudio integration

Hi, is there any video tutorial and example file to learn about Honeeybee_Export to Openstudio OBEJCT.

Couldn’t fnd anything in Example files:-(

Thanks a lot.

Hi Xandrika, It is very similar to how you export it to EnergyPlus. I attached an example.

Be aware that OpenStudio libraries won’t be loaded on some systems. We are working on this with OpenStudio team ( I hope it works on your system with no issue.


Updating attached file! (179 KB)

Hi Xandrika,

The creation of tutorial videos for the OpenStudio workflow is definitely on the agenda. Once we clear up the github issue that Mostapha referenced and our awesome developer, Chien Si, finishes integration of the OpenStudio HVAC system templates, either him or I will produce a solid set of tutorial videos for you. In the meantime, let us know how your experiences with the example file go.