View to Outdoor Analysis


I am testing view to outdoor component in Ladybug, and I think the results are strange. In the attachment that I sent, In the right model, I have a big window, without any shade blocking the view. But as you see, the view of outdoor close to the window is 60%. I think it should be 100%. Can anyone explain why it is 70%? I searched a lot to see how this component calculate the view of outdoor, but I couldn’t find any source for it!
Thanks a lot.

Actually it makes sense.
Think as if you get 100% view you need to be outdoors in a completely unobstructed environment.
You may have a window but the surfaces of the space you are checking are onstructing your view.

I have another questions about the example file in Hydra related to View to Outdoor that Chris Makey made. There is one cluster named “determine the floor area with the quality view”. How we define the quality view (what does it mean?)?

I believe it is not a cluster but a group.
Anyways the quality results are defined by setting the minimal level of performance you want to show. For this example i see in the hydra image it is 2%.

@htaheri ,

If you are talking about this Hydra Example, which was set up to help calculate the area with quality views for LEED, the LEED rating system has its own ways of defining what a quality view is:

There are four different criteria that they have contributing to what a" quality view" is but, if you ask me, I think some of the LEED criteria are pretty arbitrary. Following @AbrahamYezioro 's suggestion of defining a quality view as being above a certain threshold % view to the outdoors always seemed like a reasonable approach for me.

Thanks so much for the clarification and the useful information.

Hi @chris , piggybacking off of this - once I have the “visualization of passing and failing areas” in the red and green, how can I find the area (square meters) of the green/passing area?

LEED also requires submitting an excel form for the Quality Views credit, in which it is required to put in the floor area in which a “quality view” is capable. (I have been unsuccessfully experimenting with the Dispatch function? not sure if i’m on the right track…)