Visualize microclimate map component got error

I got the following errors when using the visualize microclimate map component:

  1. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    2. Cyclical data stream detected, parameter _viewFactorMesh is recursive.

Appreciate if you can kindly advise what’s the source of the error!

Thank you! (660 KB)

Ok, i corrected one error in my file: the viewFactorMesh is connected wrongly on the visualize microclimate map component.

I also found there are two viewFactorMesh generated from the Indoor View Factor Calculator component, and one of them is just a single line object which I have no idea how it is created.

Anyway, the visualize microclimate map component is still not working, with the error message of “1. Solution exception:too many values to unpack”.

Hope you can help to take a look and appreciate your advice, greatly!

The GH file and the epw file are attached.

Thank you!

sorry, files are attached here.

SGP_Singapore.486980_IWEC.epw (1.49 MB) (655 KB)

appreciate if anybody who has the experience in using the microclimate mapping component can help to take a look and advise!

Thank you very much!


You are practically set. You only need to update the HB_VisualizeMicroclimate component. Doing that your file works for me.


Thank you, Abraham!

Yes, the file works after update HB.

However, there are still two problems:

  1. one of the viewMeshFaces is a line-like object:

  1. The legend of time stamp below doesn’t reflect the analysis period as specified, and this might be a bug of the visualize microclimate map component:

Connect the analysis period to the UTCI recipe. I can’t check exactly right now but this is what i do lately. I also noticed what you are saying about the analysisperiod not reflected in the rendered screen. I wonder if this is somehow related to this issue in the github?

I didn’t check this thoroughly so didn’t report until now. This is something that maybe Chris can answer more wisely.

As for the line … idem.


Thanks, Abraham, your suggestion works!

Hope Chris and the others can help to take a look and advise on the line-shape viewMeshFace object.