VSC-results by zone

Hello! I’m doing my master thesis and I want to do a simple VSC analysis. I’m quite new to the grasshopper/honeybee environment. To be able to analyze the results quickly as I will do alot of simulations with different houses, I need the VSC-results to be per zone. I have 106 zones with a total of 337 wall surfaces.

As it is now, the VSC results are divided by one branch per wall surface. How can I manage the data to be one branch per zone (106 branches with data flatten within each)?

Happy for any help! Cheers.

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did you get any answer? I have the same question

This is relatively straightforward to do in the LBT plugin by making sensor grids with the HB Sensor Grid component, making sure that you have one branch of positions for each set of zone windows. FYI, the HB Sky View recipe in the LBT plugin can compute VSC (you’ll see how to use it for this purpose in the description).