Wall thickness in Daylight SImulation

Hello everyone

I want to run a daylight simulation with honey bee. I have modeled my building in Rhino and I want to run daylight autonomy for the floor of one room in the first floor of the building (school). But I don’t know how to give wall, roof, ceiling … thickness to honeybee. Do I need to seperate each room for each zone?

Because I have one room to simulate and the context which is other rooms… But I don’t know if I need to seperate each part of the original room from other rooms or not??

By the way I attached my model and the algorithm I have written.

950901.rar (1.49 MB)
950823.gh (898 KB)


The wall thickness really doesn’t make too much of a difference for daylight simulations except around the windows. Sarith wrote a small component in the WIP section of honeybee that can automatically generate these surfaces the represent wall thickness around windows.

Hi Chris

Thank you for your reply. I asked in the forum and mostapha said it is better to add wall thickness to have a real simulation.My main problem is the whole algorithm because I don’t know if it is correct or not…

I have written this algorithm but I don’t know why it doesn’t run! can you please help me?

950913 new algorithm2.gh (938 KB)