Waringi msg:1. Currently the EnergyPlus component only works in meters. Change the units to Meters and try again!

hi I have uploaded my file. My energy plus simulation file is not running. I got a warning massage that EP component is running only in meters. how can I change the components in meter and how do I know what dimension they are using.I have been trying for a log time to get the energy simulation but it is not working at all. I have updated all the HB and LB component. Can anybody please help me to figure out the problem. Thanks.

6 - Running a Basic Energy Simulation by krk.gh (511 KB)

What unitss are you using in your rhino file?


Thank you Abraham for your reply.I don’t know. how do I know that and how to change them.

type: UNITS in Rhino

thank you very much Bao. It is working now. thanks again.

You can always check it here:

Thank you Tim.