Water Heater Params

Hello LBT team!

I am trying create my own schedule and parameters for the Water Heater of my single family detached house model. So far, I am only able to set up basic parameters such as the type and efficiency. (see below) is there a way to specify the gallons of the tank? how can I know how many gallons has the default?

Is there any other component that allow me to connect my own schedule? the HB add schedules component does not have a ‘Water Heater or DHW’ option, but the apartment vintage does.

Also, how do I let the component know that it is inside the room? I added a panel with the name of the room and it didn’t like that.

@charlie.brooker Just tagging you here in case you know anything about this area. Thanks in advance :wink:

Hey @Yure ,

The hot water usage is on a Room-by-Room basis and is separate from the SHW System that actually makes the hot water with fuel/electricity and delivers to the room where it is used.

You can see that the HB Apply Load Values component lets you set the hot_wtr_per_floor_ for any room. You’re right that, for the sake of completeness, the HB Apply Room Schedules component should let you set the hot water schedule and I just added this:

FYI, you can also use the HB Service Hot Water component to create your own HB ProgramType that includes a detailed hot water usage specification.

If you want to place the water heater in a specific Room, read the description of the _loss_coeff_ _condition_ on the HB SHW System component.

Hello Chris -

Thanks for your help. I wonder how can I set up the _condition of the water heater in the HB SHW System component.
The description says I can indicate a room where the water heater is located, that would be closest to reality in my case.

Also, ‘hot_wtr_per_floor’ is a bit of an odd measure to define. I know there is an LB_Legacy component that can help estimating that. I installed the Legacy version just to get to that number, and it does not work for me. Would you know why? or how to make it work?

Error says:

  1. You need a newer version of Ladybug to use this compoent.Use updateLadybug component to update userObjects.
    If you have already updated userObjects drag Ladybug_Ladybug component into canvas and try again.

@chris I am attaching a simplified file so you can see the issue.

2023.0118 - Water Heater Issue.gh (34.5 KB)

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