Weird result in Air Temp of a small room

Hi All.

I’m trying to understand why the schedules for the cooling and heating set points/operation are so weird - or perhaps I am misunderstanding how to model them up.

Attached is my workflow of looking at window vs wall thermal increases. Using peak heating and cooling loads as my metrics to determine the reductions/increases.

However, I cannot seem to get the temperatures to make sense with the set points. I have tried to see if the default would work, if adding in a schedule that is simply 24C 24/7, and trying to put ‘always on’ as the schedule - each seeming to provide different cooling results??

example -

but I get these internal temps -
The graph seems to suggest there are times where the cooling isnt in operation… but how?

Any help would be highly appreciated! (680.3 KB)

@ElzineBraasch ,
I didn’t dive into the IDF but I was able to get the expected temperature by making sure both the set point and the set back were set to the target temperature on the “Set Zone Thresholds” component:

You only had the SetPt set in your GH file, which was causing the system to change to a different setpoint at night.
Here are the results:

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I am curious why it did this to start with. If I set a schedule where the heating set point is constantly on, would it not mean it should read from the heating stpt during night as well? Or is the setback point disconnected from the schedule that you assign to the heating/cooling set point schedules? I am concerned that there is an element in this scheduling that I am misunderstanding/not able to fully control.

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