I think I have everything updated…but I can’t even read a weather file.

I’m using GH version .76

Anyone have any ideas? Attached is just a quick sample…

Thanks for your help.


Something Is (60.1 KB)

There is no problem. If you hover the _open input you’ll see that the expected input is a boolean component and not the path for the epw itself.



This video will help you through the first steps of importing and visualizing weather data:…


Interesting, I don’t remember it being that way. That’s embarrassing, haha.

At any rate, any thoughts on the update component error? Or is that functionality going away.

Hey man! I’m working on that and there are solutions but I didn’t implement then yet. I want to make sure it will be no security issues for the users. You can check it here:…

PS: Thanksgiving is coming which means I will get some real development time. :wink: Stay warm!