What should I do to apply "shade material" component in EnergyPlus?

Hello, What should I do to apply “shade material” component in EnergyPlus?

You need to use the HBObjWShades output instead of the shadeBreps.

Thanks, but why glass is on instead of shade? I want shade apply to energyplus with material.

No, no.
You can connect this to the HBZOnes in the following components.
From your images i see that the E+ simulation component is receiving the HBZones input from elsewhere. You need to take theHBObjWShades tothose other components to add other properties to the model.
If you do so, you don’t need the context component (assuming the shades are blinds or rollers and not geometries).

Thanks. AbrahamYezioro. This is my file. Can you help me? I cannot understand.
BARRA-Single-15cm.3dm (81.6 KB)
barra-Single-15cm.gh (808.1 KB)

This is what i think you shoul do. See red sketch lines.

barra-Single-15cm_AY.gh (800.7 KB)

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Thank you, Very much. :slightly_smiling_face::rose:.