When is Summer in "analysis period" component for various time zones?

may it seem simple but what is the Time Zone of an EPW file?
I downloaded an EPW file related to my location which is Iran (I attached it to this post) and I guess it’s based on the Gregorian Calendar, so when I want to choose “Summer” on the “Analysis Component” what is the right order of months?
I ask because in the “Shamsi” Calendar(My Local Calendar) the summer is between 22 June and 22 August But if I want to do it based on the “Gregorian” Calendar I should select from April to June, so which one is the correct input for my situation?!
IRN_KV_Mashhad.Intl.AP.407450_TMYx.zip (286.2 KB)

@mostapha can you please take a look to my question?!

Hi Ali, I’m not sure if I follow your question here. You can input any custom dates for the start and the end of an analysis period.