Why doesn't geometry contains all HBSurfaces?

Hey guys, I am really new but I was wondering why my Geometry (Geo) does not get all the HBSurfaces?
It works as one at a time! and therefore, I cannot connect it to the daylight simulation component. (also, the HBsurfaces cannot be connected together directly to the runanalysis)

I really appreciate your help.

Also, one more question, does the normal of surfaces affect the results of daylighting (except the test points)


You can merge your surfaces using with createHBZones component, it is mostly for energy models.
For daylight simulations you can merge surfaces as only one brep, follow this hydra.

PS: If you are new for Grasshopper, you probably forget to push SHIFT to add multiple objects into one input.


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@oguzhankoral, Thank you! you are the best!

@Farzam Another solution is using Merge Tree component. Here is a demo.

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@minggangyin, thank you very much!