Wind Boundary Profile in Butterfly

I am working on an Urban Microcimate comfort analysis that implements CFD results from Butterfly. The process is similar to one explained in the paper by Chris et al.:
The paper includes description of inbound vertical wind profile by a Logarithmic Law but I cannot find this option in Butterfly. Is it embedded in the code and not exposed, or not implemented yet? There was one similar topic by Theodore in the old forum , but it is closed now without an indication of how and if it is solved.


Hi @nebojsa

This is already included in BF, it is automatically generated when you create an outdoor study.

For your curiosity, the settings of the ABL profile can be found on the ABLConditions file in the /0 folder and the specific boundary conditions can be seen in the U, k, e files (specifically for the inlet patch).

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Great! Thanks @TheodorosGalanos

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