Wind Boundary Profile Legend Location Error

Hello everyone. Straight to the problem.

I’d like to incorporate the graph with the model in an attempt to make it a bit more visually pleasing (failed attempt below))).

What I want is to move the legend to the far right point, but it seems that I can’t do it with Rhino point, nor with GH move component (see image below).

Is it a bug or am I missing something?

P.S. Love Ladybug.


I would update to the latest LB+HB from the github.

Without the example is hard tosay but this is supposed to work with no issues.



I’ve updated the components from version .59 to .60 with UpdateLadybug component. Problem persists.

Can you upload the file? … or a simplified version?



Rhino geometry.3dm (120 KB)
16_ Advanced Wind (417 KB)
CHN_Hubei.Yichang.574610_CSWD.epw (1.68 MB)

Hmmm …

In effect it seems that for the WindBoundaryProfile component the location of the legend is hard set besides to the X Axis.

Chris should be able to fix this.

As for the red WindSpeedCalculator just reinsert it.



I see, so legend bar can only move along the x axis (at least in case of move component). I gave it a try, still stuck at the original position. Please make it attachable to a point.

I’ll edit it in PS for now, sure this will be fixed in the future. Thanks for the help and response.

BTW, spotted some other bugs, hear from me soon XD

Hi Tim. Thanks for reporting this. I’m sure Chris or Djordje will get back to you for this issue soon. Meanwhile you can also use createLegend Component and create your own legend. Here is an example:…

Tim and All,

I apologize for the late reply. The bug has been fixed and you can get a working component by syncing with the github or in the attached file.

Tim, also in the attached file, I show you how to use the native grasshopper move component to move the legend. In your picture that you shared, you were only moving the legend point and not the legend itself.

-Chris (415 KB)

Thank you, Chris. I’ll look in it immediately.