Wind rose comparison between Ecotect and ladybug


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to produce the wind rose diagram from the weather file from one of our weather data in Taiwan.
The result is confusing me because the prevailing wind direction is very different from ladybug and Ecotect.

The prevailing wind from Ecotect shows that is mostly South wind in summer, But from ladybug the wind is mainly from the North. Why is that?

Any suggestions?



Hi @endison8

Form what you provided, it is hard to tell.
That’d be great if you could attach the epw file that you used for others to recreate this issue.



The epw is on the drive, I was thinking is it because of the file is not TMY3 weather file?
The weather is the whole year of 2017 data, and it was originally .wea file which I converted into .epw using Ecotect. Would it effect the result?
Cause I used the online epw viewer and it can’t draw a wind rose diagram.
Thank you very much.



The epw file you shared has all wind directions from 0-255, which makes me think this is not converted correctly from wea.
if you have originally recorded data, you can just import wind speed and wind direction directly to Grasshopper, and then use LB to visualize it.

Or you can use standard epw data from Taoyuan or Taipei.

Hope this helps,