Wind Speed for Window Opening Component


is there any way to add wind speed in the window opening component? I ran a wind analysis and find out the incoming wind speed for windows of each room and now I want to add these values to the Energyplus natural ventilation analysis. in idf file, I see a field in “ZoneVentilation:indandStackOpenArea” that Name is " Max Wind Speed" is it the thing that I want? can I control this in Honeybee?

You have an hourly volume of air flow through the windows of a room? If so, it might be easiest to integrate this into the simulation by editing the infiltration for the room. You can use a HB Fixed Interval Schedule to set the infiltration air flow to a different value at each timestep since it sounds like you manually computed the relationship between the hourly wind speed and direction and so you don’t need to use the WindAndStackOpenArea object.

Thank you, Chris,

as always provide good solution. yes, I have it and implement it as you say.