Wind velocity, U, output bug?

Hello !
I run the butterfly example file “01_0_outdoor_airflow” and in the output of the U field i get some very large numbers that look like a bug. like 10^300 !!! :slight_smile:

Any suggestions why this happens?

Hi @Shahrokh thanks for trying Butterfly out!

I would recommend you start with a thorough search of the forums, they will help you a lot since all these issues have been discussed!

In your case, the large values are points that did not exist in the mesh and OF assigns an infinite value to them. You can either do one or many of the following:

  • offset your (probe) surface from the building geometries
  • increase refinement in your mesh
  • remove the values with a simple ‘larger than’ filter (this is the easiest one!), the remaining values are perfectly okay.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,