Window Shade Generator returns HBObjWShades without connected shades


I have some trouble with the EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator. I pass in _HBObjects some HB zones and it creates me some blinds. I want them to be assigned to the zone (and not pass them as simulation context).

The output shadeBreps returns me all the breps and I can see them when the component is selected, but they are not bound to HBObjWShades: not visible with the “Decompose Based On Type” component and also not exported when I pass HBObjWShades to the “Export To OpenStudio” (version from October, 24 2019) component. Well, I do see in the IDF some objects like WindowShadingControl, but no geometry at all for my shades.

As you can see, the component output doesn’t warn me that HBObjWShades could not be written, so I wonder what it is the problem…


If you check the IDF file you’ll see that the windows have assigned blinds. They are not geometrical but rather defined with properties.