Window/wall construction not recognized?

Hi All
I’m having a problem setting window & wall constructions in a simple shoebox simulation.
I’m working from this microclimate sample file: Hydra Viewer

The simulation works fine when no constructions are assigned; when I set custom constructions or certain library construction the “Export to Open Studio” returns an error “‘int’ object is not iterable”.

Most library window constructions do not work- for example, the ASHRAE climate region windows do not produce an error but the “Simple Glazing” window constructions all return the error.

I’m running into a similar issue with wall constructions. Library constructions are sometimes not recognized, but when I explode that assembly and then rebuild it as a custom wall it seems to work?

I’m attaching the gh file with embedded geometry as well.
Any advice would be really appreciated.



HB (707.3 KB)

You are mixing Legacy HB with LBT. They don’t work together. Just go for one of them, probably you want to use the newer LBT.

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