Windows, Honeybee and Energyplus

I have one house model which I got from architect. I managed to create daylight simulation using HB and now I’m trying to calculate some parameters using EnergyPlus. But clearly geometry requirements are different. I get an issue where it says that All of your HBSrfs must make a closed volume, when creating HBzone. I suspect that problem could be somewhere with glazing and holes in walls where glazing belongs to.
Is there an easy way how to solve this, without rebuilding geometry? As in this work whole point is to utilize created model by an architect for analysis.

Small-cottage.3dm (4.2 MB)

The short answer is no, you need to rebuild it for energy simulation.

Here is the reason:
Energy simulation has concept called “Zone”, which you can consider it as a room consisted by walls, ceiling (roof), and floor. All these building elements have to be single surface, which means you cannot model walls with its thickness.
This zone has to be a closed volume, so in this case, by looking at your screenshot, it can be a box per floor (red zones), and make glazing surfaces that attached on the exterior walls.

Usually, you always can use your energy model for daylight simulation.



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If you know Grasshopper you can put a script together to generate the energy model from the architectural model.

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Thanks! Where could I find more information about this?