WindSpeedCalculator, _TerrainType input error

Chris and Mostapha,

I believe there a mistake in the inputs -or the instruction- of the _TerrainType input of the WindSpeedCalculator, regarding to what type of terrain each value corresponds to.




I checked and I don’t see any mistake. Average wind speed decreases as you have more buildings and obstacles. Can you clarify what you mean?



I attach two images that demonstrate the problem:

1) _TerrainType input: The integer that I input doesn t correspond to the description of the input. I input 1 it is set to “country”. While in the description it says “suburban”. That s the same for value 0 2 and 3. They give different outputs of what is in the description.

2) epwTerrain: Whatever the value there is either no output in the readMe! or no output at all.

Not sure if its the readMe! output problem or the values have been shuffled.




Good catch. I had changed the name of the input description but I forgot to change the output ReaMe. I just fixed it.

-Chris (366 KB)

Glad to be of help!

Thanks a lot Chris!