WISH: Consistent diagram size

Hello guys,

Let me explain what I mean through a process:

(I work in meters)

When doing radiation rose study I start from annual analysis to see the main directions, I set everything how I like (scale, low/high bounds etc):

Then I usually go to monthly analysis where I simply animate a slider from 1 to 12 and export hi-res png images. Problem here is that radiation rose scales up and down for each month differently and I can’t find a way to control it, in the end I get a consistent background with inconsistent rad rose.

In fact, annual study produce such a huge rose that I had to scale it down with factor of 0.3, after which monthly roses were tiny:

So in order for them to look somewhat close to the intended size I had to rescale them up 400%, here it is easier to notice size inconsistency (look at the text’s position):

I understand that the size somehow correlates to radiation amount, I would like to ask our kind and awesome developers to add consistency not only to rad rose but anywhere where it is absent. Something like wind rose’s maxFrequency, super awesome feature, just look at these sexy graphs, they are all the same size, beautiful, mmmmm XD: